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Our customized menus and buffet themes will answer the needs of both corporate and private customers. Talk to our team and choose the best menu.

Also offering lunch boxes.

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Fill your pantry with genuine European flavors. All our meats, sausages, preserves and other products are freshly handmade according to traditional recipes.


Visit our restaurant and try Polish inspired cuisine. Of course all of our menu options are based on freshly homemade products.

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Meet the chef

Bartosz Kaczmarczyk

Founder Chef


My name is Bartosz (Bart) and I come originally from Poland.

My culinary degree however was obtained in Australia. I had been working as professional chef in restaurants and hotels in Australia, New Zealand and England.

After coming to Korea in 2015 I had worked in a five star JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Hotel and since 2017 I had been in charge of western menu development at Samsung Welstory Culinary Institute.

As of 2019 I am committed to setting up a private venture focused on hand manufacture of deli foods and catering.

The Artisan is the result of these ambitions.

My goal is to introduce Korean public to real European cuisine and I believe that the most genuine culinary experience can be obtained by the taste of traditionally hand crafted, "artisan" foods


Learn what makes our food special

  • The Smoke
  • The Fermentation
  • The Craft
  • The Service
The Smoke

It's all about the aroma…

There is this place in Europe… plentiful of forests and the best quality wood…

Every European region has it's culinary traditions. But when it comes to smoked meats Poland is second to none. All the meats available in our shop and served to our catering guests have been smoked in our custom built smoker with the use of Polish wood.

The Fermentation

It takes time…

Naturally prepared foods call for patience…

We are really proud to have in our offer traditionally prepared sourdough bread. Naturally fermented dough has absolutely nothing in common with factory produced bread offered by large bakery chains. Keep it simple, keep it natural.

But not only the bread. East and north European countries had known for ages the health benefits of fermented foods and so The Artisan proudly makes sourkraut, brined cucumbers and other traditional preserves. Utilized in our catering menus and available in the online shop.

The Craft

By hand…

(and a knife)…

It's not about the scale. It's about the passion. We are not a factory nor we are a fast food production kitchen. Every possible item is hand crafted and home cooked, baked, smoked or fermented. This personal approach is what makes our manufacture truly artisan. We believe that food preparation is a relationship and we are truly happy to share it with you.

The Service

With a smile…

and with a pride…

There is no greater satisfaction than to see empty plates and smiling faces after the meal. And to be there right with your guests means to always look for a way to improve Your cooking. As a chef I always aim to give a very personal type service. I believe that to taste a chef's food is also to know him as a person…

Bart Kaczmarczyk

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KOR/ENG/JP: 010-3667-9144 (Sue)



ENG/PL: 010-4142-9144 (Bart)



온라인 고객센터

TEL: 010-3667-9144

MON-FRI / 10am-5pm

EMAIL: sue.lee@theartisan.kr


Address: Geonggi-do, Yongin-si, Suji-gu, Hosu-ro 96 beon-gil 25


KOR/ENG/JP 010-3667-9144 (Sue)

ENG/PL 010-4142-9144 (Bart)


더 아티산 대표: 이창숙

사업자등록번호: 303-21-99412

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